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The Southern Grace Series
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Glenda Manus resides in South Carolina and has taken seriously the old adage of "write what you know". Set in the South, her novels are chocked full of Southern culture, grace, and charm. The six  novels in the Southern Grace Series are Sweet Tea and Southern Grace, Lighting the Way, High Tide at Pelican Pointe, The Melancholy Moon, The Sweet Tea Quilting Bee, and Miss Marple's B&B. An unnamed as yet novel, the seventh in the series, will be released in early August. Glenda's richly developed characters are the kind of people you'll find in many small towns across America, and the fictional Park Place, South Carolina is the kind of place everyone wants to call home. It's much like the Town of Van Wyck where the author lives with her husband, Henry and their cat Theo, not necessarily in that order. 

Sweet Tea & Southern Grace

Lighting The Way

High Tide at Pelican Pointe

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                                  Amazon Review:

"Just what my heart needed. Lovely characters, right down to the cat. I laughed out loud, cried happy tears and felt a lightheartedness that doesn't usually come so easily. I simply couldn't put it down. Thank you. I need that."

...............B.Butler, Amazon Customer

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